Our Mission

Spread our love for Bhangra by providing structured, thorough, and fun in person and online Bhangra classes that push our students beyond their limits.

Our Founders

Sahab Grover

Coach Sahab’s love for Bhangra started when he became captain of the Michigan Bhangra Team (MBT) at the University of MIchigan- Ann Arbor. After graduating college, Sahab joined and captained DFA’s premier all-male Bhangra team Furteelay Shokeen. In his 8+ years of dance experience, Sahab has danced at 20+ Bhangra Competitions nationwide and now judges Bhangra competitions across the nation. Through Detroit Folk Arts, Sahab aims to spread his love for Bhangra to the future generations of Bhangra dancers in the Metro Detroit area.

Outside of DFA, Coach Sahab works in Information Technology for Beaumont Health in Southfield, MI. He has a passion for technology loves applying what he learns in his job at Beaumont to make DFA the best place to learn dance. 

Gursimran Singh

Ever since he could remember, Gursimran has had a passion for Bhangra. His professional involvement began in 2009, as he founded Furteelay Shokeen. At the time, the team was inspired by traditional folk Bhangra. Since then, he has been Captain and Co-Captain of the team, leading them to several placings throughout the national circuit. In addition to Furteelay Shokeen, he has had the opportunity to mix and dance for other teams (I.e. Bhangra Knightz, Nachde Shokeen Gabroo, Punjabi Hit Squad, and Wolverine Bhangra). Dancing for teams other than his own has allowed him to understand different styles that are evolving in the circuit. Gursimran has seen the evolution and dynamic change in Bhangra throughout the years and admires creative innovation of style as long as traditional aspects are present. While still dancing, Gursimran has started a new chapter at DFA. He aims to share everything he learned to help the next generation reach new heights!

Sahil Mehta

Coach Sahil has been actively involved in the North American Bhangra circuit as a dancer, choreographer, captain, and judge since 2009 and competed at over 50 competitions across the continent. Coach Sahil is one of the original founding members of DFA’s premier bhangra team, Furteelay Shokeen. After college in New Jersey, Sahil came back to Michigan and used his experiences to help transition the team into the next generation.  With over a decade of dancing and traveling the world, Sahil’s dream is to pass on his knowledge and share his passion for dance with as many people as possible.